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Generation Plan

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Generation Plan

The Generation MLM Plan, commonly known as the MLM Generation Plan, is a profit-sharing marketing multi-level marketing business plan. Other names for them are gap commission plans and repurchase plans. The MLM Generation Plan is recognised as a strong MLM plan that may pay up to several levels deep. This method keeps members motivated to sell, regardless of their rank or generation.

Downlines are organised into generations in the Generation Plan, and commissions decrease as the generations expand. For example, if the first-generation commission rate is 10%, the second-generation commission rate might be as low as 7%. And it might be as much as 5% and 3% for the third and fourth generations, respectively.

Most other prominent MLM systems cause participants to lose interest in selling as they get older. This is a strategy that prioritises product sales above all else and is popular among MLM companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Such companies favour the generation technique since it enables them to sell products efficiently without spending money on advertising.

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